Ethical Gemstones

We are 100% percent committed to ensuring all the materials we use for our jewellery is ethically and responsibly sourced.  Our suppliers are trusted businesses who care about their environment and local communities.

The main gemstones in our collection are selected because they come from countries governed by strict labour and environmental laws (for example Larvikite and Labradorite which come from northern territories like Canada, Finland and Norway). More common gemstones like Quartz, Amethyst, Garnet and Amazonite can be mined in several locations throughout the world. When selecting a supplier for these gemstones we always question whether they pay their workers a fair wage and practice health & safety. Furthermore, we will never use gemstones with a general bad reputation (for example Jade, Coral, Malachite or Lapis Lazuli from Afghanistan). 

All our gold plated components come from trusted family run businesses who do not source their gold from the Amazon.

If we are in any doubt whatsoever about the ethics of our suppliers, we cease to use them immediately.

We constantly strive to improve and I hope this assures you that we as passionate about the environment and welfare of workers as we are about our jewellery.

We also ensure that our packaging is environmentally friendly and you can read more about this on our Sustainability page.

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