How to layer necklaces

How to layer necklaces

What are layered necklaces?

Layered necklaces or stacking necklaces are multiple necklaces worn together to create that effortless bohemian chic look.  A mixture of chokers, pendants, beads and delicate or chunky chains works well.

How many necklaces should I layer?

Its all down to personal choice but generally three is the golden number.  The more necklaces you wear the more dramatic and fun the look will be. With a plain t-shirt or jumper three or more necklaces will look fantastic.

How to master the layered necklace look.

Layering allows you to be creative with the jewellery you choose and so the overall look will be unique to you. Gemstone or beads give a pop of colour and contrasting shapes add interest.

In a combination of three or more, attention should be given to the shortest and the longest necklaces as the statement pieces. The middle necklaces should usually be the most simple.

The length of the chain is important when creating layers and each charm should be separated by an inch or two.  Most of our necklaces come with multiple chain length options plus an extender so you cannot go wrong.  

Layering your newly purchased necklaces with your long standing jewellery box favourites also works well giving your older loved pieces a modern revamp.

Adding some necklaces will always make you feel polished and ready for the day.

Here are some of our favourite looks.  What are your favourite layer combinations?

  Layered Beaded Necklaces   How to layer necklaces

Bohemian jewellery

Photography by the talented Christopher Andreou

Model: Ellie Redshaw








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